Garlic Harvest Used for Luncheons and Training

Last week, Geneseo chefs prepared potato salad for an employee year-end luncheon with garlic scapes harvested from the college’s own learning and experimental garden as the star ingredient.

Geography Researchers Awarded NSF Grant to Study Oak Forests

Geography faculty members David Robertson and Stephen Tulowiecki ’09, have received an NSF grant to study 200 years of environmental and cultural changes in eastern US white oak forests.

Geneseo Instrumental in New SUNY Partnership with OpenStax

The State University of New York is among 11 schools or systems in the nation selected to participate in the 2017-18 OpenStax Institutional Partnership Program to encourage use of free, peer-reviewed textbooks on campus. The SUNY application, submitted by SUNY OER Services at SUNY Geneseo on behalf of the system, was among 42 applications for the program.


Some Event Thing

This is going to be a thing about something just to test if the thing works. 
Don't miss it! It's going to be fantastic.

Drupal 8 Launch

We're going to be launching Drupal 8 on this day. It's going to go down in the history books. Hopefully everything goes smoothly. I think it will but we'll see how it really goes, right?

Weeks of Welcome

In the first few weeks of the fall semester, incoming students are welcomed to Geneseo with a flurry of activities geared toward making new friends and settling in. More info.

In the Spotlight

Educator Randy French ’83 Goes on National Geographic Journey to Antarctica

Randy French ’83, a science teacher at Geneseo Central School, journeyed to Antarctica last year, made possible by a Grosvenor Teaching Fellowship from the National Geographic Society.

He was one of a handful of educators selected from among hundreds of applicants for a 13-day trip around the Antarctica peninsula.

Justen Geddes '18 Reflects On His Epiphanies in Brazil

Fifteen minutes. That’s all the time it took for me to decide I was going to commit to study abroad after reading the description of The African Diaspora in Bahia, Brazil.

Matthew Abdoo ’02: A Four-Star Chef Whose Food Brings People Together

Growing up, nothing was better, says Matt Abdoo’ 00, than his grandma’s meatballs. They were cheesy, saucy, Italian perfection.

At 94, “she’s still with us,” and they still are the best, says the four-star chef.